Thursday Thought: Cornish Creativity

Here’s a new song from Bert Biscoe, Cornish poet, songwriter, entertainer and radio personality who lives in Truro — “When I Played a Red Guitar”.

With Bert Biscoe

Photo with Bert Biscoe

Bert is also a politician, an independent. He is a member of both the Cornwall Council and the Truro City Council. I met him when he starred (and I spoke) at the International Gathering of the Cornish American Heritage Society in Milwaukee in 2014.

Bert is an amazing facilitator and connector with energy and vision. He was the key champion in bringing about our book tour of Cornwall last summer, sparked by an insightful review he wrote of The Miner & the Viscount. Bert introduced us to the people with whom we arranged book talks and media interviews. And as a result we are now having to arrange a reprint in England!

This photo is of my daughter Sarah with Bert and his daughter Molly and me at dinner in Truro. Food in Cornwall these days is delicious!

Amazing comment from Cornish poet and story teller!

Read Bert’s review.


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