Thursday Thought: Dydh Grasow ha Lowender dhis

I know you can’t wait to greet your family and friends for Thanksgiving in the Cornish language! So here we go, straight from Maureen Fuller, Grand Bard of Cornwall. She explains:

With Grand Bard Maureen Fuller & Sarah Hoskin Clymer

With Grand Bard Maureen Fuller & Sarah Hoskin Clymer

“Happy Thanksgiving Day in Cornish is Dydh Grasow ha Lowender dhis (to one person) or Dydh Grasow ha Lowender dhygh (for more than one person). Translated literally it is Day Thanks and Happiness to you. Phonetically said, using English sounds, it is Deeth Grasso ha Low-ender thees (for one person) and ‘thoo’ for more than one person.”

I have just completed 8 lectures on “CORNWALL: History, Mystery, Mansions, Mines & Modernity” for OLLI (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute) associated with the University of Cincinnati. So enjoyable! We learned a lot about Cornwall’s amazing global contributions, exchanged ideas, and even learned phrases in the ancient Cornish language.

Students want to see the mystique and beauty of Cornwall for themselves. so Sarah and I are exploring ideas for designing a unique tour inside private places and meeting fascinating people.

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