Thursday Thought: How I came to own a Rustic Inn

The best things to do with one’s fantasies is to fulfill them.

I have always fancied myself retiring as an innkeeper, a jovial mine host in a charming country pub in my native Cornwall, serving those delicious ciders to jolly customers.  Readers of The Miner & the Viscount come across several descriptions of picturesque inns at the heart of community life in rural villages.

Turk's Head, Penzance

Turk’s Head, Penzance

Well, at last it is going to happen! Cornwall is a long way away when you live in Kentucky. However, there are parts of America that remind me of Cornwall and Maine is prominent among them, with its rocky Atlantic coast and its pretty towns and quaint old villages.

Blue Hill Inn, Maine

Blue Hill Inn, Maine


I am going to own the Blue Hill Inn in Maine! It’s a beautiful old place dating from 1840, hard by the Atlantic Ocean. It has 11 guest rooms and a reputation for comfort and excellent food, especially blueberry pancakes. I’ll need some help, and I’m hoping members of my family will join me. It will be such a fun venture.

All it takes is winning a contest with an entry fee of $150! The present owner is setting off to Paris to make a new life, and this is her creative way of selling her inn. So I will just write a brief essay of why I want to own this lovely place. I’m looking forward to all of you coming to stay.

Of course, realistically I’ll have to win the contest and there will be hundreds of entrants. Here’s a link Maybe I’m fantasizing. But I am a novelist and that’s what writers of fiction do. Aargh.



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