Thursday Thought: Brexit

I do not make a habit of discussing politics on this blog. However, I love my native land and especially my native county. The stunning vote to leave the European Union begs discussion.

Will we see the end of the United Kingdom?

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson

The demographics of the vote are significant. Scotland wishes to remain. Will this reignite the drive for independence? The Irish are talking of reuniting their partitioned country. The young see Europe in their future. The working class old, especially those once employed by coal and steel,  are despondent and voted heavily to leave. Cornwall and Wales, the Celtic regions that gained most from European subsidies, voted to leave.

The Remain campaigners were complacent and in the end unpersuasive. The Leave campaigners were energetic, passionate, free with their facts and well funded. (Who provided the money??? Who has really gained from their victory?)

David Cameron, Prime Minister and Conservative leader of the Remain faction, has resigned effective in October or possibly September. Will this allow time for a rethink? Have the crash of sterling, Britain’s credit rating, and the financial markets (now somewhat recovering) caused some voters to regret their protest against different issues? The referendum requires to be ratified by parliament before becoming law. And then there are the lengthy and complex negotiations with Europe.

Asked his plans for implementation, Boris Johnson, the eloquent leader of Leave, was vague. And now he has removed himself from consideration as Cameron’s replacement, apparently lacking the confidence of influential colleagues.

Aargh. Are there lessons here for American politics?



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