Thursday Thoughts: A Cornwall Adventure

16876298531_9e85a3edd9_oSaturday, July 4th, Richard starts a month long journey of travels around his hometown, Cornwall, Britain. With a schedule full of book signings, appearances and activities, he will be sharing his novel with those that live in the heart of it all.

Traveling with him will be his daughter, Sarah, his partner in navigating his wild July calendar.

Not all of Richard’s trip will be business, in fact, he’d argue none of it is. His passion for the history of Cornwall and the stories within the town have propelled his novel to places just dreamed of. The activities following its publish has resulted in furthering an amazing hobby that has led to wonderful experiences that just keep getting greater.

Richard will be visiting many friends and family who still reside in his native hometown.

Lately, Richard has been finding more and more connections that have led him to meeting many spectacular people. He will continue to explore those connections during his travels, a story that is worth an enormous web of people, and places that have all made the publishing of Richard’s novel so much more than a book.

In the most unlikely places, Richard continues to find relationships between either his book or himself with another person or place. He has embraced these now common coincidences as a sign to keep uncovering the history and mystery of Cornwall and beyond!


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